Storage & Backup Solutions

Storage & Backup Service Our variety of data storage products offers you to select an ideal backup solution based on your security, integrity and fiscal requirements. Our plans and solutions enable you to deploy your backup services through the easy to manage platform onto any infrastructure product at Sepia Host.

R1Soft Automated Backups

R1Soft is an enterprise level high performance disk to disk server backup software for Linux and Windows servers. After making an initial copy of your data onto the Sepia Host backup servers, the R1 Soft CDP can complete incremental data backups in just minutes.

R1Soft Request Quote
Agent Software Free
R1Soft Pay-As-You-Go Backup Space $2 per GB stored (based on usage)
R1Soft Self-Managed Solution Free Server License, $75 per R1Soft CDP Agent License

FTP Self Backup Storage

FTP Self Backups are for do-it-yourself types. Sepia Host offers discounted low-cost backup options. Storage is metered, and capped with small allocation for average. Backups must be manually configured by the customer - Sepia Host does not configure backup routines for FTP backup customers.

Sepia Backup Request Quote
Setup Cost Free
Server Backups - 10 GB Space $15.00 per month
Backup Storage Overage $2 per gigabyte used billed on monthly peak basis

Dedicated Server for Backup and Storage

As part of your organization's disaster recovery plan, it is ideal to deploy a dedicated server for remote storage. The service can be used for file storage, archiving important data, and many more.

Model Processor Memory Storage Staring from Place your order
Core-i3 540 Intel Core-i3 540 2x3.06GHz HT 4MB Cache 4 GB 500 GB Rs.14999.99/m Order Now
Core-i5 760 Intel Core-i5 760 4x2.80GHz TB 8MB Cache 16 GB 2x500GB Rs.24699.99/m Order Now
Xeon E3-1230 Intel Xeon E3-1230 4x3.3GHz 8MB Cache 8 GB 500 GB Rs.24699.99/m Order Now
Xeon L5410 Intel Xeon L5410 4x2.33GHz 12MB Cache 8 GB 500 GB Rs.25799.99/m Order Now
Xeon X3430 Intel Xeon X3430 2.4 Ghz 8 MB Cache 16 GB 2x500 GB Rs.29999.99/m Order Now
Xeon E5520 Intel Xeon E5520 4x2.26GHz HT TB 8MB Cache 12 GB 500 GB Rs.29999.99/m Order Now
Dual Xeon L5410 Intel Xeon L5410 8x2.33GHz 12MB Cache 16 GB 1 TB Rs.29999.99/m Order Now
Xeon E5620 Xeon E5620 4x2.40GHz HT TB 8MB Cache 16 GB 1 TB Rs.31749.99/m Order Now
Dual Xeon E5520 Intel Xeon E5520 8x2.26GHz HT TB 8MB Cache 16 GB 1 TB Rs.33399.99/m Order Now
Xeon E5-2620 Xeon E5-2620 6x2.00GHz HT TB 15MB Cache 16 GB 1 TB Rs.34449.99/m Order Now
Dual Xeon E5-2620 Xeon E5-2620 12x2.00GHz HT TB 15MB Cache 16 GB 1 TB Rs.39849.99/m Order Now