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SSL Certificate SSL Certificates give you the security that you need for online communications. This helps the customer to believe in you and feel comfortable in doing business with you. Doing online business transactions without an SSL certificate is like leaving your money out in the open for the thieves to steal.

Understanding your needs to secure your transactions and gain your customers' confidence, SepiaHost offers you a number of SSL Certificates to choose from. Each of these provides a different type of encryption, and their attributes are given below.

Certificate Attributes
SSL 123 Certificate

This is the most basic of the certificates that gives you domain name validation.

  • Fastest Issuance
  • Basic encryption
  • Domain-only validation
  • Up to 256 bit encryption
  • Best for intranet, mail and web application
  • Re-issue at no additional cost
Web Server Certificate

Gives you domain name encryption and organization identification

  • For up to 256 bit encryption
  • Verifies your site's and organization identity
  • Ideal for gateways, web forms, mail and FTP servers
  • Display trust seal in user browser
  • Re-issue at no additional cost
SGC SuperCert

SGC enables Strong SSL Encryption and allow older browsers and OS to step up to 128-bit or higher encryptions.

  • For 128-bit and higher encryption
  • Organization and domain validation
  • Secure online transactions including shopping, banking, secure sign in, and account self-service interactions
  • Display trust seal in user browser
  • Re-issue at no additional cost
Web Server Wild Card Certificate

Full organization validation, one certificate for multiple subdomains. No need to buy additional certificated for multiple subdomains.

  • One certificate for multiple subdomains
  • Full organization validation
  • Up to 256 bit encryption
  • Re-issue at no additional cost

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