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Microsoft Virtual Machine
Microsoft Virtual Machine

What is Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine?

Microsoft Azure Virtual machine is a powerful tool installed on the server that work as a separate machine inside the computer. Virtual machines are commonly known as guest OS. A single compute can host multiple virtual machines (depending on resources). For multiple applications, it can be split into different virtual machines. Every virtual machine has its own operating system. A hypervisor is specialized software that a compute requires to host virtual machines.

Types of Microsoft Virtual Machines

System Virtual Machine:

It has a separate operating system, and it is also called a hardware virtual machine. It is a complete system platform that gives the complete execution of the virtual operating system. Hardware resources can be shared, managed, set up, establish in multiple environments on the host system. These environments are from one another but exist on the same physical host.

Process Virtual Machine:

A process virtual machine is also called an application machine. It supports a single process, providing an independent programming environment. It allows it to execute in the same manner as in any other platform. Process virtual machines are commonly used for java programming. It is helpful for programmers to focus on the algorithm rather than the communication process provides by the interconnect and virtual machine in OS.

How does Microsoft Virtual Machine Works?

Cloud Virtual Machine in Lahore Provisioning resources like storage and memory is managed by the hypervisor from the host to the guest. It also organizes the operations in virtual machine so that they don't overrun each other while using resources. It is a software-based virtual version of a computer, with the allocated numbers of CPU, memory, and storage borrowed by the computer or a remote server. For example, a server in a cloud provider's data center. VM works like a computer and runs as a separate computer, and also can run different operating systems. The virtual machine's software is separate, so it doesn't disturb the host computer OS.

Microsoft Virtual Machine

Uses For Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

  • Organize Install and Build apps to the cloud.
  • Experiment with new operating systems, including beta releases.
  • A tool giving a new environment to developers to make it easy and fast run of dev-test scenarios.
  • Back up the existing Infrastructure or operating system.
  • Can run old applications by installing an older OS.
  • Access to the virus-infected data.

One of the excellent characteristics of virtual machines is that you can create system-level snapshots that you can easily restore whenever you need them.

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Benefits Of Using Microsoft Virtual Machine in Pakistan

Microsoft Virtual Machine Coast Effective

Cost Effective

Virtual Machines saves time, physical space, and management costs

Microsoft Virtual Machine Data Migration

Data Migration

Virtual Machine has a fast data recovery feature and can add or remove resources easily

Microsoft Virtual Machine Host Server

Host Server

Virtual Machine works as a server to host applications for a teams and organizations

Microsoft Virtual Machine DevOps


Performance websites and applications test on virtual machine using common scenarios

Microsoft Virtual Machine Backup

System Backup

Virtual Machine can be used as a backup and sync drive

Microsoft Virtual Machine Mobility

Workplace Mobility

Setup virtual environments using virtual machine that allow workers to get customized virtual desktops for employees

Microsoft Virtual Machine Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Deploying and managing virtual machines is hassle-free as compared to on-perm servers

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Sepia Solutions is a Microsoft Tire-1 Partner in Pakistan. Our cloud solutions architectures helps you setup Microsoft azure virtual machine with hassle-free data migration.

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